Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is history in the way of Centennial Way?

An October enews letter from the Arizona Centennial 2012 Commission proclaims “Centennial Way is Looking Good”. The announcement describing progress on this “highly anticipated project” continues as follows: 

Construction for our Signature Project, Centennial Way, began in May and is still underway! A combined effort between the Arizona Department of Transportation, the city of Phoenix and the Arizona Centennial Commission, this project will re-work this entire street into a beautiful gateway to our State Capitol.

Work has progressed from 7th Avenue to the former mineral museum building. Progress is illustrated with the following before and after photos.

Do Centennial Way planners now intend to remove the “ugly” historic mining equipment still at the former mineral museum to make room for their “beautiful gateway”?

Is this a good use of $7 million in public funds?


  1. There does not seem to be much difference between the before and current pictures. A lot of dirt can be seen. For $7 million they could have some nice planters, hanging flowers, or something to spruce up the narrow sidewalks. I thought the sidewalks were suppose to be quite wide? Another $7 million of taxpayer money wasted.

  2. Sure hope the new members of the legislature are not duped into turning loose of my tax dollar to support that failed museum. It would be one more for the AHS to have their credit.