Saturday, November 12, 2011

Governor Brewer’s hollow words

On October 16, 2012, the Arizona Science Center hosted the kickoff for the first annual Arizona SciTech Festival.  The festival is being organized by the Arizona Technology Council and will be begin in February 2012, Arizona’s centennial month. Who of all people presented the opening remarks?  Governor Jan Brewer, who is certainly no friend of science education. Three excerpts from the Governors remarks (in no particular order) follow:

Education is one of my highest priorities ---- Arizona’s leadership in science and technology education is important for our state, and for our children ----  A key goal of the SciTech Festival is to interest students of all ages and cultures in future career opportunities around science, engineering and technology. But career opportunities require a strong education.

Imagine that.

Following the Governor’s capricious (no money was saved) closing of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and the abrupt termination of the K-12 earth science education programs, tens of thousands (per year) of children are being deprived of a lifetime learning experience.  How many science and engineering careers will never be inspired because of her selfish* and irresponsible action?

(* she wanted the building for her failed Arizona 5Cs Centennial Museum project)


  1. One of the hottest, best paying science positions are geology related. The Colorado School of Mine's graduates received the 2nd highest beginning salaries in the country beating out schools such as Harvard and Princeton according to Smart Money. After 15 years in the work force the median salary for graduates of this college ranked 6th. I would say that is a pretty good showing, and MS. Brewer take the hint, geology fields are real hot! You deprived the Arizona mining industry future engineers.

  2. Brewer says "Education is one of my highest priorities", except from what I hear she never graduated from H.S., so that statement is false. She did get her GED so maybe that counts for something.