Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prominent Arizona Historical Society?

An introductory letter in the Arizona Historical Society’s 2011 annual report contains the following paragraph:

Like other prominent historical societies across the United States, AHS has added what may be described as a natural history component to its programming, as the state entrusted us with one of the finest mineral collections anywhere. Staff is currently developing public programming that will utilize this remarkable resource to provide geosciences-based learning opportunities.

 Why, in well over a century, has the self-proclaimed “prominent” AHS not produced a top rated history museum?

Why does their deca million dollar Marley Center Museum draw so few visitors?

Whatever, other than delusions of competence, gives them the idea that they are qualified to present natural history and geoscience “learning opportunities”?
Is the AHS prominent or notorious?

Note: The state did not “entrust “the AHS with the mineral collection. Using lobbyists and secret meetings, the AHS hijacked the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum from the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources. They subsequently destroyed it and its K-12 earth science education programs

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  1. Oh really?? Name two other historical societies that also have added "natural history" to their programming. And where are all the minerals?
    What pray tell is the name of the new exhibits? The "Five C's" No that cant be it....Something about the future of Arizona..or something?!