Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arizona Centennial celebration letter

Guest Post:

Dear Governor Brewer,

Thank you for your invitation to attend events held near the capitol celebrating Arizona's 100Th birthday.  However, I will have to pass on attending those celebrations because it makes me sad to be in that area.  Just looking at the empty and silent building on the northwest corner of 15Th Avenue and Washington Street breaks my heart.
For the past 20 years I have been an inner city classroom volunteer, and the Arizona Mines and Mineral Museum was a favorite field trip of mine.  A visit to the AMMM, a walk through Westley Bolin Park, and a visit to the Arizona Capitol were more fun for our students than you can even imagine.
We planned that very trip last spring but we were greeted by LOCKED doors at the AMMM.  The building was silent and sad, just like our students when they heard that the AMMM was no more.
I love Arizona and will celebrate her 100Th birthday at my school with  birthday cake and a pinata.
I wish you all the best,
Judy Ambelang
Public school volunteer

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  1. Ms. Ambelang,

    Thank you for your dedication to the children of Arizona. It is much appreciated by the "regular" people of the state as our elected officials just pass laws with no concern of their consequences to the individuals they will or will eventually affect.

    There were at least 4 or 5 schools affected by the abrupt closure. I wonder how they felt driving the children to the premises, paying for the buses and drivers and finding locked doors? The children had to be quite disappointed and the teachers furious! AHS would not allow the person in charge of the museum, at the time of the firings, to re-enter the building so she could locate the scheduling cards to tell the schools that the museum was closed. AHS did not care about anything especially the school children of our state. Keeping the museum open for two more weeks would not have affected their schedule one bit as they knew their was little money in the coffers to proceed within a strict timeline.