Friday, February 10, 2012

Centennial boondoggle exposed!

Investigative reporters at ABC 15 TV are putting the finishing touches on a big story about the big boondoggle that destroyed the top rated mineral museum.  For a preview, see:


  1. I put the link out on twitter. Thanks for what you're doing here. It's not easy to find info on this debaucle. Remember there will be a few people gathered at the AMMM tomorrow, 2/11/2012 around noon for anyone who wants to come and share stories, meet some kids new to the cause, etc... Tempe Mom

  2. I certainly hope the Arizona Historical Society Board of Directors will watch the show or see it on this blogsite. Many of the board members are from the Phoenix area and where the TV channel broadcasts to. Let's hope Woosley watches the show. Maybe she will see just how stupid this all looks.But what the heck, the whole museum will never be built.

  3. Looks like the Arizona Historical Society Board of Directors has no idea what is going on. Maybe they can watch a TV News Show to catch up.
    And after they figured out they have been duped maybe they will fire Woosley. They are the only people who can. End this and get the Arizona Historical Society back to their job.