Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Half million dollar state budget for nonexistent museum?

The FY 2013 state budget includes some completely inexcusable pork.  The executive Budget (page 106) includes $626,900 for the AHS to operate the Arizona Centennial Museum. Senate Bill 1543 (Section 46) includes $441,400, as does House Bill 2852. House and senate bills both identify the nonexistent museum as the Arizona Experience Museum, even though the change from centennial museum to experience museum was never authorized by the legislature.

Does the Arizona legislature think they are being financially responsible by only reducing, rather than eliminating, the budget for a museum that does not even exist?

The Arizona centennial is now history. There was not and will not be a centennial museum.  When will the Arizona Legislature catch on?

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  1. My question is when will the Arizona Historical Society Board of Directors catch on? Are they dimbulbs or just dont care. Who runs that place? If the state does then why do they need a board of directors. If the board does then they need to take control and rein in the director or even more actually raise some money (not for this stupid idea of amuseum)and have the agency do something in Az history they are supposed to do.
    So if there is no museum who gets the money. The taxpayers sure wont get a refund.