Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recommended budget increase for non-existent Arizona Centennial Museum (AKA Arizona Experience Museum)

Pages 106 and 107 of Governor Brewer’s FY 2013 budget show FY 2012 appropriations and FY 2013 recommendations for the Arizona Historical Society.  In FY 2012, the AHS received a separate line item appropriation of $589,700 for a centennial museum even though there is no centennial museum and the mineral museum (prior occupant of the building) was closed before the beginning of FY 2012.

Incredibly, the executive budget recommends an increase in the centennial museum separate line item appropriation for FY 2013. The recommended appropriation is $626,900.

Hint to the Arizona Legislature:

Take a look at the building with no name at 1502 West Washington Street (AKA Centennial Way).
Note the locked doors and closed signs.
Peek through the windows and see the emptiness inside.

The Executive Budget FY 2013


  1. Maybe the increase of $37,200 is for the curator's salary who has little to do. In NYC they punish teachers they are mad at and put them at a desk all day in a building with nothing to do. The unwanted teachers bring a book to read and the district hopes the teachers will just quit and they rid themselves of a problem. With nothing to do I guess the new museum curator can catch up on her geology and mining equipment by studying books and their content.

  2. Didn't they hire a curator? Who is it and what are their qualifications? If AHS is going to use an east coast exhibits designer then what will the new curator do in the meantime?

    1. They did. See the Aug 14, 2011 blog post (Arizona Centennial Museum Geologist).

      The east coast designer completed the exhibit designs last year.

      What a state paid curator does in an empty building is unknown. Perhaps she is responsible for the new "science education" icon on the AHS website.