Friday, January 14, 2011

5C Arizona Centennial Museum Secrecy

As reported in the original June 5th post, the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum began in absolute secrecy.  Originally, the secrecy was intended to avoid opposition to the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum bill.  Now that the bill became law, why does the secrecy continue?

The museum is no longer featured or even included on the Arizona Centennial Commission website.

The most recent public meeting minutes posted by the Arizona Historical Society include this brief paragraph on the centennial museum:
Report of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation Board Meeting
Woosley said the Centennial Foundation had received its 501 (C) (3) designation. She said the fund raising chair for the Foundation would soon be announced and that another pledge had been made by a major corporation. The Governor has not yet appointed the advisory council for the exhibit development. She stated that a series of meetings had been scheduled beginning this month to craft the content for the museum. Woosley said the museum would continue operating as it currently does until June 2011 to allow school tours and educational programs to continue through the end of the school year. The Arizona Department of Mines and Minerals Resources has moved out of the building and only the museum and lapidary shop remain.
 Note that meeting was in October, several months ago.

Anyone heard about a fund raising chair?

Which corporation made a recent pledge?

Who was invited to, or even notified of, the November meetings?

Why was money spent moving the ADMMR out of the building if there are no funds to build the centennial museum?

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  1. And all while the state budget is $825,000,000 million dollars in the whole. They are cutting millions of dollars of Medicaid for lower income residents. All while we build boring exhibits in a stolen museum. What insanity. It would be insane for any company to give money for this stupid idea. Enjoy your Centennial Parties Janet!!