Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pet boondoggle protected by Governor Brewer?

Governor Brewers recommended FY 2012 budget shows no further funding for the Department of Mines and Mineral Resources.  In fact, she terminated the remaining employees on Jan 21st.  That is just a short very short time after the Governors office spent over 20 thousand dollars moving the department out of the mineral museum building.  That money was apparently wasted just to accommodate the Arizona Historical Society and her 5C Arizona Centennial Museum dream (taxpayers’ night mare?).

The AHS however, is still funded.  The recommended budget summary shows a reduction of $2,515,000, but that number involves some smoke and mirrors. The Governor increased the AHS budget 50% in FY 2011, so the proposed cut just returns their funding to the 2010 level.

Pages 34 of the FY 2010 Executive Budget Recommendations show
$3.346,000 in appropriated funds and $1,061,000 in non appropriated funds for a total FY 2012 budget of $4,407, 000.

Page 36 shows the numerical anomalies suggesting they are experiencing a large budget cut.  The apparent $2,515,000 cut consists mostly of repealing the 50% increase they got in FY 2011 during the financial crisis.

The AHS certainly does not provide and essential service, and available Auditor General performance reports and investigations show their performance is far from satisfactory.  Why are they getting such preferred treatment?

Because Governor Brewer tasked them with administering her pet boondoggle, the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum?

Note:  A large part of the FY 2011 AHS budget increase was apparently due to a balloon payment on the failed Marley Center Museum building.  Unfortunately, it makes the FY 2012 budget proposal summary look like the AHS budget is being cut when it is not.

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