Monday, January 24, 2011

Arizona Historical Society looking for a dark spot to hide

As reported in prior posts, the Arizona Auditor General has repeatedly found serious problems within the AHS. The Jan 5th post summarized some of the problems related to procurement:
  1. Insufficient internal control
  2. Improper procurement procedures
  3. Conflict of interest
  4. Board not assuming governance responsibility
Incredibly, the legislature solved problem 4 by passing legislation relieving the board of any responsibility.

Now, Representative Kavanagh is attempting to provide the same relief for the legislature.  Since they can’t control this taxpayer subsided state agency, just cut it lose and let it do whatever it wants.

Kavanagh’s House Bill 2016 includes the following provision:

In Section 38 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 41-821 part E, delete the following statement.

The treasurer shall submit to the joint legislative budget committee a written report detailing all expenditures of nonappropriated funds for the society at the beginning of each quarter.

Again, very creative legislation.

If what you see is embarrassing (even illegal), just quit looking.

Both the AHS Board and the Arizona State Legislature get to wash all responsibility off their hands.


  1. Well heck that would mean the director and board of directors would have to actually raise money. Fat chance of that happening. So what would happen to all of the neat stuff they have stored.

  2. Looks like the AHS board of directors have been sold a bill of goods and should fire the director for getting them involved in this. I bet they do this at some point.