Monday, January 17, 2011

Governor Brewer’s hoax exposed.

As discussed in prior posts (Aug 11th, Oct 17th, and Nov 24th) the Governors office claimed that her 5C Arizona Centennial Museum plan was inspired by a desire to save the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources.  Supposedly, relieving the ADMMR from the burden of maintain the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum would enable them to continue their primary mission in the face of budget cuts.

In July, the Governor transferred most of the ADMMR budget to the Arizona Historical Society.  This assured the remaining staff would run out of funds before the end of FY 2011.

On Friday, January 14th, the Governor terminated the entire remaining staff of the ADMMR.

The hoax is now exposed. 

Note: The Governor's proposed FY 2012 budged includes $0 for the ADMMM and six million dollars for historical societies.


  1. What AHS are running the museum?? Have they moved their Tucson or AHS Papago Park staff there? As they are public employees then their names should be legally known.

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  3. Is he the only staff member up there? I bet the other Mineral Museum staff that were fired are pretty mad. Were they "state employees"? Under what rules were they fired. Guess they are not protected.
    Is Ponder the only staff member there? There must be other people employed there? What is the view of the Mineral Museum volunteers. Ponder lives in Tucson. Guess that went over well with his family? LOL

  4. If his home is in Tucson looks like the taxpayers are paying for his second residence in Phoenix. Must be swell to have that much money available to that agency.

  5. The mineral museum never had a big fat state payroll like the AHS does. The only person paid with state funds was the curator. She resigned shortly after the AHS takeover.

  6. The January 17th comment said that Bill Ponder had moved his office to the mineral museum building. Subsequent information stated that was incorrect, so the comment was removed. He just visits on occasion to perform AHS management functions.