Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arizona Mining Department on life support

The January 20th post described how Governor Brewer shut down the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources. It cited an article published in the Arizona Republic.

A subsequent January 22 Arizona Republic article described how, on Friday the 21, the Arizona Geological Survey offered to use existing resources to temporarily keep the department open. Most of the employees were rehired on Friday, the day the department was to close.

The article stated the temporary deal would keep the rehired employees working until the end of
the fiscal year (June 30).  The Director of the AGS subsequently posted this clarification on

AZGS committed to keeping the files and records of the agency open to the public at least through June 30 or until the Legislature decides on the future of the agency. This is not the same as the department continuing operations as before nor is it a merger.

The statutory duties of the mines department and the geological survey are complementary and the Survey's mission is written broadly enough that we all feel we can continue to meet the needs of the citizens, agencies, and businesses of Arizona with regard to the mines department’s assets, both physical and intellectual.

By consolidating our two small agencies, we also expect to realize cost-benefits through efficiencies of scale as well as providing better service to our customers

Mining agency reaches deal to remain open
Ryan Randazzo
The Arizona Republic
Saturday January 22, 2011
Page D1

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