Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The end of the Arizona Historical Society subsidy?

Some time ago, the Arizona legislature did a smart thing (for once!).  They passed a “sunset” bill with expiration dates for state agencies.  If a sunset review did not determine that a given agency had continuing value, and it was not thereby reestablished, it would cease to exist.

Then, they did a dumb thing.  They passed another bill stating that if they do not do the review (do not do their job), then the agency will be automatically reestablished 18 months after it expires (slothfulness rewards incompetence).

Anyhow, Arizona Revised Statute 41-3014.01 currently states the following:

  1. The Arizona historical society terminates on July 1, 2014
  2. A is repealed on January 1, 2015

So, the AHS should have a sunset review before July 1, 2014.  That will include input from the upcoming performance audit described in yesterdays post. If there is a sunset review, the score the reviewers will see will most likely be (based on prior posts of Nov 5th, Jan 1st, and Jan 10th) as follows:

STRIKE ONE: The Marley Center Museum in Papago Park (Tempe)

STRIKE TWO: The Arizona History Museum at Rio Nuevo (Tucson)

STRIKE THREE: The 5C Arizona Centennial Museum (Phoenix)

Will the legislature then display the courage and common sense required to end the multimillion dollar annual taxpayer subsidy of the AHS?

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  1. The AHS has that massive museum in Papago Park that nobody goes to see, isnt paid off yet, the exhibits for the most part are boring and their research library is closed (or has limited hours) Why is the library closed. Dont they even have a librarian there??
    The Governor wants a "new and shiny museum" close to the Capitol.Guess the party goers can just walk across the street for more parties and cocktails!!
    The Az State Government has a Capital Museum. So are they involved in some way. Were they smart enough to stay away from this mess. What do they get out of it? Ask Gladys Ann Wells what the heck is going on. Any money for her empire?? Maybe Brewer blew in her ear and Wells turned her down. We know Woosley did Brewer's bidding.