Sunday, May 25, 2014

Budget increase for non-existent Centennial Museum

Page 158 of the Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriations Report ( states the following:

A.R. S. (Arizona Revised Statute) § 28-2448 established the centennial specialty license plate. Of the $25 fee required for the specialty plate, $8 is for special plate administration costs, and $17 is a donation for the Centennial Special Plate Fund. --- ADOT distributed $70,000 from the fund to the Arizona Historical Society in the third quarter of FY 2013.

The Centennial Museum, now called the Arizona Experience Museum, has been closed since May 2011 for renovations. There are currently no plans to re-open the museum. The Arizona Historical Society is not able to use the revenues from the Centennial Special Plate Fund
because statute stipulates that those monies may only be used to pay costs related to the maintenance and operations of the museum.

Page 157 of the same report states the following:

The budget (Arizona Experience Museum) includes an increase of $16,200 from the
General Fund in FY 2014 ---. This line item funds personnel and rent of the Arizona Experience Museum, previously called the Centennial Museum. --- Of the total appropriation for the Arizona
Experience Museum, $360,800 is used to pay rent and the remaining $67,500 is used to fund the Curator position.

So, in summary, the AHS is now getting extra funding for the centennial museum from license plate sales. However, rather than appropriately reducing the general fund budget for the non-existent centennial museum, the legislature increased it!

Why can’t the AHS use the license plate fees to pay rent?

Arizona taxpayers deserve an explanation.


  1. So after the 48 Ego Women's Group and John Driggs fail to make this building "Party Central" for Phoenix will Governor Brewer come to her senses and fix the problem. Who else can the AHS pawn this boondoggle off to. Gov. Brewer fix it and fix the AHS by removing Ann Woosley and reorganizing the AHS Board of Directors! Woosley has screwed up the mineral history as well as Arizona history.

  2. I still find it appalling that Governor Brewer fails to see the importance of the Mineral Museum for our children and tourism. I have only lived here for five years and could see the impact and rare opportunity it offered. Sorry AHS you really screwed up a good thong and Governor Brewer you can't say you didn't know this was happening. After all when I was picketing along with 30 other people in front of your four years ago you held up your hand and said no comment as you slid into your limousine. WAKE UP!!! Restore.our museum!!!! Mad in Queen Creek!