Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kids cheated

The needless destruction of the once top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum was probably the meanest thing ever done by any state agency. The museum and its K-12 educational programs served 50,000 children per year. Admission was free so that underprivileged children could participate along with others.

The Arizona Historical Society gained control of the museum in 2010 and destroyed it. The budget for the museum was not cut. The AHS continues to absorb the state funding even though there is no museum.

This extraordinarily mean-spirited action will taint the reputation of the AHS for as long as it continues to exist.

Kids, rock hounds cheated by Arizona Historical Society
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 4:30 pm

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  1. The much-loved historic Mining and Mineral Museum was destroyed in a severe case of AZ politics at its worst,for our centennial yet! AHS's statutes mandated that the MMM be preserved along with all of the displays--indoor and out. All parties to this disaster knew that the money for the "birthday gift" proposed museum was not raised, nor likely to be, when the doors were slammed shut on students and schools. Now we have the JBLC asking AHS, AZDOA, and Driggs to present a plan for use of the building--not to restore the MMM as they should! We need to get a scientifically oriented group to be given the building back and to restore what was taken from our students Has the legislature no conscience?