Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Delusions of competence

The AHS strategic plan, which rambles on for a full 19 pages, includes the following:

Strategic Goal 8.3: Expand science education programming statewide
Objective 8.3.1: Design and implement science education programs.
Objective 8.3.2: Use current and future exhibits to connect science education programs to exhibition themes and content


As has been demonstrated on this blog for the past four years, the AHS is struggling with history. As shown by recent media coverage, the AHS is having great difficulty with the performance reviews conducted by the Arizona Auditor General. They have never gotten a clean review.

As for science, they had an exceptional opportunity to become involved. In 2010, a political anomaly gave them control of a top rated science museum (mineral museum). What did they do?  They completely destroyed it, and they did so in defiance of Arizona statutes. At present, they are resisting efforts to restore the mineral museum by people qualified to do so. They are trying to replace the science museum they destroyed with and “event center” (happy hour venue?)

So much for science.

The AHS is having more success with another goal in their plan:

Strategic Goal 9.8: Raise AHS profile in the community

Over the past four years, extensive media coverage referenced on this blog has exposed the AHS involvement in the mineral museum fiasco. That has certainly raised the AHS profile, but in a very bad way. Their stumbling in performance reviews also raised their profile in the legislature.

There is one thing the AHS can do to promote science.


Let the people capable of doing so restore the mineral museum and its K-12 science education programs.

1     1 Arizona historical Society Strategic Plan, 2013-2017
2     2 Years later, not much to show for state Mining and Mineral Museum’s closure, Monday, May 5, 2014
By Harmony Huskinson
Cronkite News (most comprehensive of the dozens of articles printed)


  1. "Raise profile in community" Yea...sure. Should we discuss the attendance for all of their facilities. When Bill Ponder told the Legislators that the AHS would make a lot of money if they charged admissions was a lie. But if he ever walked out of his office he would have known. Guess that is just ignorance. Well paid ignorance! Perhaps this blog site should post the attendance which appeared in the Auditor General Report. The public has voted with their feet. they don't show up.

  2. At a time when AHS is struggling to run well-attended History Museums, and to meet state financial statutes, they have decided to get into the business of science education across the state! Oh yes, this is after they demonstrated how much they know and appreciate science programs for students by closing the historic Mining and Mineral Museum for our centennial! And,to boot, they failed to produce a Centennial Museum. I would hope that in the next legislative session the whole fiasco can be reviewed and the MMM restored, without the interference of the AHS which cannot seem to even do AZ history well. Any state agency which needs to hold the Senate hostage in order to get a meaningless 10 year approval is beyond contemptible. Now they think they are qualified to move into the area of science education, and their centennial record doesn 't matter!