Sunday, May 11, 2014

Can Arizona mining history be saved?

An article archived by the Mineralogical Record shows a tombstone style life span for the mineral museum as (1953 -     ).  The article further explains that the museum actually started as a display at the Territorial Fair in 1884, but was not open year round until 1953.

Will a death date of 2011* eventually be chiseled into stone and mark the final demise of the mineral museum?  If the Arizona Historical Society succeeds with their current misguided plan to convert the building into an “event center”, it will.

Or, will the people (especially students, parents, and teachers) and the legislature manage to rein in the rogue AHS and restore the mineral museum and its K-12 earth science education programs?

What does Arizona think is more important? 

History and education, or another state supported cocktail party venue** for a small group of self-appointed elite individuals?

*Year the AHS slammed the doors on students arriving on school buses and changed the locks.

**The AHS already has one at the Marley Center Museum (AHS History Museum at Papago Park) in Tempe

Arizona Mineral & Mining Museum
(1953 -    )
The Mineralogical Record
Bibliographer Archive

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