Thursday, May 1, 2014

Will the Arizona Historical Society become history?

A recent newspaper headline read “Arizona Historical Society soon could be history”.  That article was mostly supportive of the AHS, but the corresponding question could be serious. The AHS is losing public monetary support very rapidly. Were it not for their huge government handout, they would be history.

The recent Auditor General’s report includes the following paragraph.

For example, the Society’s membership dues are down by 44 percent, from $136,958 in fiscal year 2008 to $77,170 in fiscal year 2012. Over the same period, donations are down by 59 percent, from nearly $794,000 in fiscal year 2008 to approximately $327,000 in fiscal year 2012.

That means the AHS has lost 57% of its private monetary support in just four years. The audit report presumes adverse economic conditions may explain the rapid decline. But, could it be that the AHS has alienated a large portion of the community, especially in Phoenix?

Students, teachers, parents, and grandparents were not happy when the AHS hijacked and then mindlessly destroyed the mineral museum.

Is the AHS paying a price for its reprehensible behavior?

The Arizona Republic
Apr 22, 2014 - Laurie Roberts:


  1. It is the first job of a museum director to raise money. Then awareness of the agency in the community. (Which will assist in the fund raising). Then to make sure the Board of Directors do their job. (Which includes raising money/support/technical support etc.)
    The AHS Board is asleep at the switch. They allowed Woosley to start this mess with the Centennial Museum/Five "Cs" Museum/Arizona Experience <useum..... Now Party Central facility for "Phoenix Elites".
    Maybe it would help if Woosley and Ponder would actually walk out of their offices and see what is happening. Or maybe be on TV to promote the agency. (which the taxpayers pay for).
    I challange anyone who reads this blog (State legislators are you listening!!?) to see how many lectures or tv appearances Woosley and Ponder has have done in the years they have been in charge.
    The AHS Board of Directors should get off their collective asses and try to make an effort.

  2. Woosley and Ponder are indeed useless. Always have been at AHS and in fact came to AHS with a dim track record. But....
    The AHS board of directors are the real problem. They have been that for years. Look at the other thieves, liars, crooks, embezzlers, they have put at the head of AHS over the course of many, many, years.
    The board of AHS is the worst part of the equation. Get rid of Woosley and Ponder, you still have a board of incompetent and lazy buffoons. The board needs to be held accountable for their stupidity.