Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do the 48 Women not like kids?

The 48 Women were selected for honor during the Arizona Centennial celebration. Formation of the group was an Arizona Centennial Commission Legacy Project. Their website ( shows that they are affiliated with the Arizona Historical Society. They are having a “special gathering” at the AHS Facilities in Tempe on Saturday, May 17, from 10:00 to 12:30.  The invitation reads as follows:

It is a pleasure to invite all Honorees to a very special gathering of 48 Women to reconnect, inspire one another and discuss an opportunity to play a role in changing the face of Arizona’s Capitol Mall. Join us as we celebrate, enjoy a fabulous meal, discuss goals, highlight the benefits and think through decisions to move the project forward.

As described in a recent Phoenix Magazine article, the project would finalize the destruction of the historic Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. Fifty thousand children visited the museum each year. The museums K-12 science education programs inspired many children to pursue successful careers in science and engineering.

48 Women Get Together Brunch

Dolores Tropiano, Rocks and a Hard Place
Phoenix Magazine, April 2014


  1. If you think that this group can raise 10 million dollars in this economy for an ego boondoggle? This is crazy beyond belief.

  2. I don't understand/ Why is the Arizona Historical Society so involved with this group? Do they want money? Do they need someone to bail out their boondoggle at the Mineral Museum, Centennial Museum., 5 "C"'s Museum, Arizona Experience Museum (My God I got tired just writing all of that!) Or maybe Dr. Ann Woosley wants to be a member of this group?

  3. What is it with Mr. Driggs? From what I hear from the Arizona Historical Society staff is that Driggs interferes with the AHS far too much and donates very little, just his ego. Someone needs to tell Driggs to go and involve himself with some project suitable to his ego. Maybe he could have Father Kino's statue removed from the US Capitol. He didn't seem to know who John Greenway was and had him removed. Why is someone who knows so little about Arizona history was even on the AHS Board of Directors. Wait... I just answered my own question!