Sunday, May 10, 2015

Imagined excellence

During the public hearings on SB1200, the few AHS supports kept parroting the following ludicrous talking point:

No other state agency could successfully operate a museum because that is the AHS mission and they excel at it.
Given the ever declining attendance at  AHS museums,  the claim is preposterous. It also reveals an inability to even comprehend and recognize competence and excellence.  SB1200 would have transferred mineral museum assets to the Arizona Geological Survey. An independent description of the AZGS follows:

The Arizona Geological Survey is a leader among state surveys.  For instance, last year the Arizona Geological Survey received an $18 million grant from the Department of Energy to lead a coalition of 46 state geologic surveys and universities to study the geothermal resources of the United States.

In April of 2011, the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources was deactivated and its duties transferred to the Arizona Geological Survey.  These duties include maintaining a repository of mineral and mining information, including databases, books, periodicals, individual mine files, mine map repository files, mining district data and an archive of mine data; and providing quality mining data, evaluation, and assistance relating to mineral development to the legislature, federal, state and local governmental agencies, industry, and the public.


  1. The Arizona Geological Survey is a model state agency with an all around stellar track record. During the recent legislative hearings on SB1200, some of those supporting AHS, a less than stellar agency in audit trouble, tried to demean their competence, As a supporter of getting the MMM back, but NOT under AHS, the possibility of the MMM under the AGS is so logical and promising. For our science students, teachers, and schools, it would be a big win.!!

  2. Like most of the Board of Directors and perhaps many of the general membership they are either delusional or naive. The AHS museum attendance for their facilities has dropping since Bill Ponder lied to the Legislators about how much they would make if they charged an admissions charge. Not even "winter visitors" are paying to get into the museums. Ponder did not understand what would happen because he never leaves his office and is too lazy to raise any money. Ann Woosley the Director.....well we know what her capabilities
    Only the Riordion House did not make a major drop in attendance. Riordion House had a 2,000 person drop in attendance in one year. They normally do pretty well. But how could you not being in Flagstaff and on the road to the Grand Canyon. All of the other facilities have had about a 50% drop....and that's even after a continued drop over years.
    Maybe the Board needs to ask how many people actually walk into the museums. Only 2,000 a year for Yuma is a crime, 7,000 a year for the Tucson facility and a few thousand for Papago Park facility is criminal.
    On top of all of that you have a problem with the AHS trying to steal a mineral museum.
    Time to fire some people and have the AHS get back to what they did best...a while ago.