Monday, May 4, 2015

Investigation closed

A May 4th news story reports that the minerals sold on eBay, advertised as being from the mineral museum, were not really from the museum:

While the eBay sale apparently did not involve minerals from the museum, the AHS cannot really know if the mineral collection is "wholly intact" as stated in the article. In obvious violation of state statutes, it has scattered parts of the collection over the state, and a recent Auditor General’s report shows they do not have an adequate collection management plan. 

The Arizona Freedom Alliance posting the following:

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  1. I.m glad the minerals were not state property. The reason AHS was even under suspicion at all was because of on-going issues over the illegal disoving of the MMM, the hostile and abrupt way in which it was done, and to this day why it was done remains unexplained. We do know that some of the items removed from the MMM after the chaotic closure were given away to non-state entities, which is illegal. Thus the understandable concern about the E-Bay sale. A lot of boxed minerals were removed from the MMM and their exact whereabouts is unknown at this time. AHS has a very poor track record on Sunset reviews and compliance with state regulations and a bad reputation lets them vulnerable to suspicion.