Friday, May 29, 2015

Veto extends unlawfull activity

The text below was distributed to 750 media contacts across the state. The Sonora News (  and the Sierra Vista Herald
( ) were among the first to publish it.
Although he may not be aware of it, when Gov. Ducey vetoed Senate Bill 1200 he enabled the Arizona Historical Society to continue defying Arizona law. When the AHS was given control of the state mineral museum to prepare for the centennial celebration, Arizona Revised Statutes Title 41.827 established a clear responsibility to continue operating the mineral museum and education programs in a portion of the building. The subsequent failure of their centennial project did not relieve them of the responsibility to continue operating the mineral museum. However, in knowing defiance of the statute, they locked the doors in April of 2011 as students were still arriving for school field trips. Then, even though they were funded to operate the museum every year since, they emptied the building, scattering it contents across the state.
In an attempt the correct the situation, the Legislature passed SB1200 (mineral museum restoration) with a nearly unanimous vote. All mineral museum assets would have been transferred to the Arizona Geological Survey, a state agency willing and able to restore and operate the minerals museum. Unfortunately, the Governor’s veto enables the AHS to continue its unethical and illegal pursuits. Their lobbyists from R&R Partners of Las Vegas are promoting conversion of the building into a reception and event center for politicians and lobbyists. The AHS, a state agency, is actually supporting the interests of lobbyists over the interests of children.


  1. 750 news outlets in the state. That is way more public relations than AHS gets in 5 years. Good going AHS keep up the good work.

  2. This issue, the ongoing violation of state statutes by AHS, needs to be given press. The legislature passed amendments authorizing continuing the MMM and adding a 5C's component for out centennial. The AHS director and lobbyist,and MMM personnel, participated in writing the amendments. Brewer's staff wrote them, the bill passed and Governor Brewer signed it. There is no excuse for both the Gov. and AHS to simply defy the law, throw the students out, and then fail to raise enough money to do anything with the building! To really show what AHS is all about, they refuse to tell us why they violated their own statutes, and why they now want the building for a questionable reception center. Then try the big lie--they just moved the MMM over to the Marley (with its declining attendance). Hey taxpayers, we're funding this less than reputable agency.