Sunday, May 24, 2015

Minority rule?

Prior posts reported on how the mineral museum restoration bill (SB1200) got nearly unanimous support in both House and Senate. Yesterday,. the Arizona Republic reported on the communications received by the Governors office:

For SB1200:          1,376
Against: SB1200:         5


So, why did the Governor veto the bill?

As quoted in the above linked Republic article, the AHS claims that they did not oppose the bill.

If, so, who did?

As described in the 5/2/15 blog post, the "Friends of the Arizona Historical Society" requested that messages be sent to the Governor asking that SB1200 be vetoed.

Who are the "Friends of the Arizona Historical Society"?

Why did these 5 individuals get their way over the will of the people?


  1. A whole five people? You have to be kidding! My God you mean they could not even get Woosley and her husband and Bill Ponder and his family or even Madison Barkley and her family? Not even her board and their families? What a pathetic waste.

  2. The entire AHS membership, all of the Boards of Directors, AHS staff (counting the loyal ones, if there are any left) and the state of Arizona of about 6,000,000,people and all they get is 5 stinking letters and phone calls? Ann Woosley should leave out of shame. Just remember it was her idea to start this mess.

    1. As reported by the May 2 blog post, the "Friends of the Arizona Historical Society" appears to consist of only a few lobbyists.

  3. Guess the Arizona Historical Society only has five friends.

  4. That's probably two more than Ann Woosley has.