Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Historical society image crumbling?

The AHS obviously has delusions  of competence, presuming to certify "lesser" museums across the state. What is that certification worth when a series of Auditor General Reports prepared over a span of more that a decade shows that the AHS itself does not meet the criteria?

The mineral museum mess in Phoenix has attracted widespread attention, and is further diminishing the public image of the AHS. Go to the following link to see some biting sarcasm recently directed at the AHS,


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  1. At one time the AHS had a curator who administrated those funds. That person would travel to the historical societies and advise them on their use of the funds. It was a successful program.
    Then Ann Woosley hired a Mr. Jim Turner to do the job. He had no knowledge of curatorial duties or the care of artifacts. He liked giving "lectures". That only goes so far. After a few years he "retired"from the AHS. Retirement usually means a work life of 20 years or more. Nothing close to that. After a while Woosley even got tired of him. Just another case of Woosley not hiring good staff. When hired he had no clue as to how to do the job. That position no longer exists.